Frequently Asked Questions

1.”Does it cost to participate in the competition?”

The participation and registration is free. In case you are selected to the final for off-line competition, all the travel cost will be covered by the organizer. But most likely the final will be organized online as well due to the pandemic situation.

2.”Can I participate in the competition as individual?”

Yes, individuals can also participate in the competition as long as you have innovative ideas which are patented and you have the ownership for the patent.

3.”I am not sure if we belong to the competition fields mentioned “

The fields covered are quite general which are just divided into four categories.

4.”Can we participate in this competition if we also participate in another competition at the same time? “

Yes, you can participate in this competition even though you are also participating in other competitions.

5.”What are the benefits for participating in the competition?

Awareness: Institutional Awareness from Jinan City. Potentials for partnership, investment and building networks.

Awards: Potential to win awards and certificate in the competition.

Soft-landing Support: For winning projects satisfy specific criteria mentioned that are willing to land in Jinan, there will be Non-equity funding together with follow-on investments and policy supports.

The competition organizer set up 20 landing parks for participating projects, attracted 36 investment and financing institutions and banks, as well as well-known fund management and investment funds, to participate to provide investment, financing support and assistance for landing projects.

Apply Before 15.6.2021, Finland Competition Division.